Sunday, May 27, 2012

What this is for

I'm going to use this to post relevant news stories, pictures, videos, etc. Things that would otherwise clutter people's Facebook pages when they check their news feed.

So to start, I get my news from the following places:

SXEphil on YouTube via the Philip DeFranco Show
SourceFed on YouTube
Global Post

And other places that I'll be sure to cite later.

Grandma (age 80) almost dies while skydiving:

Obama and his pot smoking days:

Defense of Marriage Act ruled Unconstitutional for the Third Time:

Harley Lost in Tsunami, found later in a Museum:


Gay fence Infographic:

Gar Bar Bans Bachelorette Parties Until Marriage Equality:

Seven Year old Boy Commits Suicide :(

And Now, Onto the lighter side of News

Funny Pictures:

Channing Tatum with Elton John's Hand Up His Butt:

And Don't Forget to Checkout:

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